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Top 8 Hotel Safety Travel Tips in South Africa

A South African Hotel Safety Tips and Guide

When it comes to travelling in South Africa and staying at The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts, our hotel safety and security is our top priority for both guests and hotel management.

Travellers often find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings, making it crucial to take precautions to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay.

In this article, we’ll discuss the top 8 safety tips for hotel guests, providing valuable insights to enhance your security and peace of mind during your travels.

All our guests are treated to a safe hotel stay in South Africa, but it is always wise to be cautious.

1. Secure Your Valuables

Use our hotels’ safes to store your valuable items, such as passports, jewellery, and electronics. This precaution ensures that your essential belongings are protected while you explore the surrounding areas. 

2. Keep Your Room Locked

Always lock your hotel room door when inside and when you leave. Utilise the deadbolt and chain lock systems installed on the doors for added security and peace of mind.

If someone unexpected knocks on your door, first verify their identity with the hotel staff before allowing them in. We monitor the hallways  24/7 with our surveillance systems and have security staff available at all hours of the day to assist you. 

3. Be Cautious with Strangers

While socialising and meeting new people can be a part of the travel experience, exercise caution in such situations and don’t be so quick to trust an unknown individual.

Avoid sharing your personal information with strangers, and be wary of unsolicited invitations. If you feel unsafe or uneasy don’t hesitate to contact our security staff for assistance or advice. 

4. Use Well-Lit Paths

When returning to the hotel at night, stick to well-lit and populated areas. Avoid any shortcuts through dark alleys or isolated streets. In case of an emergency contact us or emergency numbers with your whereabouts so that we can assist you.  

5. Know the Emergency Exits

Familiarise yourself with the hotel’s layout, emergency exits and rally points. In the event of a fire or other emergencies, knowing how to exit the building safely can save lives. 

6. Don’t Display Wealth

Avoid flaunting expensive items like designer clothing or flashy jewellery. Dress casually and blend in with the local culture as this minimises the risk of attracting unwanted attention to yourself.

7. Keep Emergency Contacts Handy

Have a list of emergency contacts, including local authorities and the hotel’s front desk, readily available. These are available in all rooms in our The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts. This ensures quick access to help if needed.

8. Trust Your Instincts

Perhaps the most crucial tip is to trust your instincts. If something doesn’t feel right or seems suspicious, remove yourself from the situation and seek assistance from our hotel staff, security staff or local authorities. We are on call 24/7 to assist you if need be.

By following these top 8 safety tips, you can protect yourself and your belongings, allowing you to focus on making lasting memories during your stay. Remember, a safe traveller is a happy traveller.

The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts are all about top-notch hotel security and comfort. We’re committed to keeping you safe, with high-tech hotel security in place so you can relax and enjoy your stay.

And when it comes to luxury, our hotels in Sandton, Mbombela, Melrose, Rosebank, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban are the ultimate spots.

From luxury rooms to full amenities, we have you covered. At The Capital Hotels, Apartments and Resorts, every moment is all about comfort, ease and peace of mind, where safety and luxury come together to give you a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family.


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We’re not kidding. With us family comes first. Always.
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Our family gets up to 20% Off

We’re not kidding. With us family comes first. Always. We’re so serious about it that if you find a better rate anywhere else online, not only will we match the price, we’ll also give you a free night on us.

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