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There’s no such thing as a free lunch, but a free drink – definitely!

Grab your free drink valued at R55 by simply giving us your email address to join our family. 

 Once you’ve joined, make your way to our bar, hand your FREE DRINK card to our bartender AND show them your sign up email,

we’ll hook you up, shup shup.

The Fine Print:

  • Your FREE DRINK can be redeemed against ANY drink to the value of R55. 
  • Unfortunately it’s limited to just one drink per room – but it’s totally worth it right?
  • What to order will be tricky – chose anything from our extensive selection of soft drinks, beers, cocktails etc… you are welcome to pay in the difference if you’d like to order something more expensive.
  • Sign up to receive information from us by simply giving us your email address (and cell number). Unsubscribe at any time with just von-click!
  • Once signed up to join La Famiglia, you’ll get an instant email confirming that you’ve joined our family. 
  • Take your FREE DRINK card and show the bartender your email confirmation from us and enjoy your free drink.
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