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Planning a Multi-Generational Trip?

People desire to spend meaningful time with all of their family members, regardless of their generation. Over 70% of people intend to go on holiday at some point during 2022!

Even though spending time as a family creates priceless memories, careful planning is essential when it comes to such a holiday. A multi-generational vacation requires planning that is considerably different from “normal” vacations. There are a variety of ages in your company, including little children, teenagers, and senior citizens who all deserve to enjoy their holiday.

A wonderful place to start when planning the ideal getaway is choosing the appropriate accommodation.

Here’s What to Look for in a Hotel

Possibly the most important piece to a successful multi-generational holiday is finding a hotel or accommodation that appeals to all family members and fits into your travel plans. Here’s everything you can do to make sure that happens.


Talk to Family Members

If and when possible, getting all family members around the table to discuss expectations for your family trip would be ideal.

Do your travel plans include time on the beach? Or do you prefer being closer to nature? Jot down the parts that are most important to your family and start your holiday list off that way. Once you’ve got this information, then use it to put together a travel itinerary so everybody knows what’s happening.


Family Activities

Shortlist Hotels

Every parent has experienced the struggle of attempting to unwind while simultaneously keeping an eye on their children. Finding a hotel with kid-friendly amenities is essential, so be sure to hunt for a pool, a playground, or a sizable garden where the little ones can run around. Of course, having childcare services available is an advantage.

When travelling with children and elderly relatives, safety must be the primary consideration. Are the hotel and its grounds fenced? Are there any steps that a baby crawling about or grandfather with a cane or walker would find dangerous? Does the hotel accept wheelchairs?

Naturally, the hotel needs to be big enough to fit the whole family. Whether it offers contiguous rooms or family units that include space for young children is another crucial topic to address.


The Capital On The Park

Consider the Food and Activities 

The last part of your decision for your hotel should be made around the food and everyone’s diets. Does the hotel cater to everybody? Is the onsite restaurant child-friendly in terms of the dishes that they serve?

Also, the activities, adventures, and excursions: can everybody participate in the options? Or perhaps you need to consider if there is childcare available for activities that younger kids can’t go on.


Table Mountain


Plan a Multi-Generational Trip With Extended Families

As you are planning your multi-generational holiday, remember to keep it fun and try to get something in for everyone!

Lastly, consider where everyone is travelling from. Will they have access to vehicles or will they have to rent one? What will the costs be and is it viable? Budget is the ultimate decision on the successes of your family members’ travel plans and joining you on holiday!


Kids Playing

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We’re not kidding. With us family comes first. Always.
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Our family gets up to 20% Off

We’re not kidding. With us family comes first. Always. We’re so serious about it that if you find a better rate anywhere else online, not only will we match the price, we’ll also give you a free night on us.

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