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The Capital Pearls


Talk about a view from the top. The Capital Pearls overlooks the silver coastlines of Umhlanga as far as the eye can see. Step out, and you step into the luxury of our private mall, the Umhlanga Pier & Lighthouse, and the many other local restaurants at the shores of the coastline.We understand that those who play hard, earn it by working hard, which is why The Capital Pearls comes with all the facilities to make that important deal happen. Whether it's boardrooms and conference spaces, or the ideal space to meet your clients.

Our apartments provide contemporary living spaces that strike a balance between the comfort of home and the luxury of resort living. Complementing  The Capital Pearls are all the essentials for relaxation. A resort swimming pool, bar, sun deck, jacuzzi, over sixteen restaurants, and a children's play area.

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  • The Capital Pearls exterior 2
  • The Capital Pearls pool bar
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 5
  • The Capital Pearls bar
  • The Capital Pearls exterior
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 4
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  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 3
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 7
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 9
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant 8
  • The Capital Pearls exterior 3
  • The Capital Pearls restaurant  2
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  • The Capital Pearls breakfast
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